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Future Fleetwood is a Partnership Board created in October 2019 to support Wyre Council in submitting a bid to Government to secure Future High Streets Funding for the regeneration of Fleetwood town centre and wider community.

Members of the board include representatives from the healthcare sector, education providers, business and faith leaders - all living and working in the Town and passionate about making a difference to the lives and prospects of current and future generations.

Future Fleetwood will build on the amazing progress already made in areas such as health, wellbeing and community. The partners will work together to identify and deliver proactive and imaginative projects which support day-to-day life ... how we educate, train and inspire young people: job creation and sustainable economic development; making the most of digital technology; revitalising the high street and town centre; a tourism and leisure strategy that increases visitor numbers and engages with residents; ecology and the environment, and more. 


Together we will make our Town a better place to live, learn, work and visit.

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