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Debra Green OBE, of Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) says,

"We would like to invite you to attend a community engagement event on Wednesday February 28th from 7pm - 9pm, at The North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood, FY7 6BN.

Earlier this year I was delighted to travel to Fleetwood to meet members of the Council, Police and senior community leaders. There is already a great deal of collaborative working across the area and a real vision for the future of Fleetwood. We come to lend our support to this great work.

ROC (Redeeming Our Communities) has considerable experience of hosting ‘ROC Conversations’ having conducted over 250 of them across the UK since 2004.

The two-hour event is simple, effective and positive. We bring residents, local people, local leaders, representation from schools, police and statutory agencies, key community individuals and members of community groups together to celebrate the good work already taking place in the community.

Between us, we then determine where any gaps in provision may be and, critically, see what each person present can offer to bridge the gap. The conversation always leads to the formation of an Action Group/s and positive practical change in the local community. We always invite senior community representatives to ROC Conversations because we know of your desire to engage with community members and we also know that the community appreciates your presence.

The Conversation is open to all with an interest in Fleetwood and they can book in to the ROC Conversation for free, on line at:

We do hope you can join us on this exciting community occasion and we look forward to your reply. We do appreciate you will have considerable demands on your time and if you are unable to attend, we would welcome your representative."


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